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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just How Much Correct Anatomical Language Should We Be Teaching Him?

The other day Auntie Christine commented to Soren (while he was running around half naked...again) that she could "see his buns." He turned to her all seriously and said, "No, those are my bowels."

He thinks that his poop is stored in his leg ("it helps me run!") so Peter and I have tried to help him out a bit with some more detail on his internal anatomy...guess the finer details are still a little vague for him.

Monday, March 24, 2008

A Day at the Beach

We had a great day at the beach yesterday with Auntie Christine. Warm and sunny, pretty unsusual for our coast this time of year. You'll see that Soren still started out with a down coat, so it wasn't exactly sunbathing weather but the wind was still, the sun was shining, and there was lots of sand to play with. It was a great day!

King of the mountain!
Oh, no, he wouldn't dream of throwing sand at me, would he?
Soren and Auntie Christine:

Easter Candy for the Garbage Man

Auntie Christine brought us two big Easter baskets on Sunday. Yum! Soren was beside himself with glee at all the possibilities of devouring all that sugar. I joked with him that maybe we should "give it to the garbage man" meaning that maybe we should throw it all away. To my surprise, he wanted to give it to the garbage man! So, on trash day we packed up a goodie bag and Soren went out to wait for the garbage man to give him some treats! (Don't worry, we did save a bit for Soren too.)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Wiggles Were Great! (And Soren May Have Thought So Too)

Today was the day!

We were both on the edge of our seats with excitement. Well, sort of. The seats were the type that automatically folded up and for most of the show there was serious risk that Soren was about to be swallowed up by his chair...
It was a fun show - and having a front row seat was awesome! Lots of singing and dancing and since we knew most of the songs it was fun to sing along. Soren got fairly annoyed with me at the beginning when I was singing and clapping. He didn't want me to disturb his full attention towards the stage. But once he realized that everyone in the audience was singing along he allowed me to continue. Here they are for the big finale of The Big Red Car (Mama secretly has a crush on the blue Wiggle.)
As soon as the show ended and it was clear the The Wiggles weren't coming back on stage Soren shouted "Let's do it again!" I guess that means he liked it.

When we got in our car to come home, Soren asked if we could listen to music. The first station I found was playing The Doors - but he said he loved it and wanted to listen to it. Quite the musically diverse musical taste, wouldn't you say?

Friday, March 21, 2008

How White Guys Learn to Dance

(Two things worth noting: First, I made Soren a deal that if I video-taped the first song that I'd dance with him for the next song. So, while he starts out with vigor, you'll see that for much of the rest of the song he's just marking time until he gets to dance with me - you'll see at about 40 seconds he thinks the song is over, then realized it isn't. Then, secondly, who knew Old McDonald was such a long song?!)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hide-and-Seek With a Two-Year-Old

Soren enjoys playing hide-and-seek. Although in his case, we may need to rename the game stand-around-openly-and-seek. In his defense, I have never given explicit directions, but I would have thought "go hide!" would have been somewhat self-explanatory. Clearly this is the first two-year-old I've ever raised. Here are two of his "hiding places" from our game yesterday (he was finally well enough to play a little bit):

He does actually leave the room where I'm counting, but once he's reached anouther room he just stands really still in hopes that I won't notice him.

Making Everything All Better

We've found that in our house reindeer antlers and home-made popsicles are the perfect remedies if you are feeling yucky.

He's feeling much better today. I think the fever is mostly gone and that seems to really make a difference. He actually woke up chattering away and wanting to play this morning. I hadn't realized just how quiet he's been until I saw the difference today! He's still not really eating, but he played with his trains for the first time in a few days so I think he's on the mend. He only had enough energy for about 30 minutes with the trains (he's parked back on the couch at the moment), but still that is significant progress.

Somehow he's gotten the idea that now that he's weathered this sickness he is somehow "bigger". He announced "I'm bigger now, I go to school by myself" this morning. Then while watching Sesame Street he pointed out that he was bigger now and so he wasn't afraid of the Cookie Monster. But the funniest one was when he came up to me - I could see him visually comparing our size. He announced "See, I'm big, just like you now." We might have to get his eyes checked to see if his fever has someone distorted his abilities of perception!

Monday, March 17, 2008

My Sick Little Buddy

My poor little buddy is feeling sick. He came down with a cough on Friday which quickly started moving towards the dreaded croupy bark. We were able to get in to the doctor's office before he closed for the weekend and got some steroids which usually do the trick. We did still end up with a brief visit to Urgent Care Saturday night, but for the most part we've avoided the worst of the respiratory issues. He's just sick. He's had an intermittant fever which really seems to wipe him out, so we've had marathon snuggle sessions on the couch watching The Wiggles, Thomas the Tank Engine and Barney. Tonight I could tell he was really feeling poorly when the kid's shows ended on OPB and he rolled right into watching This Old House as they remodelled a basement.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Wiggles!

Ok, this is beyond embarrassing...I'm waaaaay too excited about this - I GOT FRONT ROW SEATS FOR THE WIGGLES (****happy dance****) I GOT FRONT ROW SEATS FOR THE WIGGLES (****leaping for joy****) Yippee! With this I will certainly achieve the status of most superstar mom ever! (which is, after all, the point of buying stuff for your kids, isn't it?)

I'd been considering buying tickets to see them at the Rose Garden, but I just couldn't decide whether to splash out for expensive, but still not totally prime, seats. Or just to buy some cheap seats in the nosebleed section. Then I saw a listing for tickets for the Wiggles in Eugene. I didn't even know they were coming there! So I went to see what they had available. I was planning on buying something more mid-price, but really who can pass up front row seats?! Woo hoo.

Ok, now I'm scaring myself. I'm just a little too excited about this. I better go lay down. At this level of excitement it is going to be hours before I'm able to fall asleep. Sheesh, what have I become?

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Tagged, again...

Thanks, Kendell! As always with tagging on The Soren Gazette, I'll answer them from Soren's perspective.

What was I doing ten years ago....
Hm, well my mom tells me that I was just a glimmer in my daddy's eye, but I'm pretty sure I have never been in his eye so I'm not sure what she's talking about. My mom and dad were newly married, living in Greeley, Colorado and doing a ton of camping and hiking. I hadn't arrived on the scene yet though so they probably weren't having too much fun.

5 things on my to do list.
1. Learn what a to do list is.
2. Learn to write so I can fill it out.
3. Play.
4. See a gecko in real life.
5. Ride in a helicopter.

3 bad habits
1. Wiping snot on the sleeve of my shirt. But only my nice shirts. I don't see what the big deal is, it is very effective but my mom isn't thrilled about it.
2. There are rumors that I may have whined once or twice on the most very rare occasion.
3. Putting my hand in my full milk glass at the dinner table.

Places I have lived:
I'm in a bit of a housing rut apparently. I've lived my many years all in the same house.

Things most people don't know about me:
My mom and dad named me after the philosopher Soren Kierkegaard. Well, not after him exactly. They weren't paying homage to him, they just liked his name. Good thing, because I think he was mostly just a grumpy guy. My mom does say that if she used enough hair gel she could make my hair look like that though.
I tag Amy Jo, Amanda, and Katie M.

Maybe it is Time for a Deer Fence?

Yesterday we had a lovely rainbow appear off the deck to the North...

When we looked to see what was at the end of the rainbow we found that it wasn't a leprechaun...

In Peter's defense, I have to say that we've had quite a love/hate relationship with all the deer around here. It is nice to see them around, adding to the lovely pastoral setting...until they start devouring all our plants. I've given up on growing roses and we've gotten creative with fencing and other deer-resistant borders. Until yesterday I thought the funniest deer deterent was Peter running after them throwing cucumbers...