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A Fabulous Week

Merry Christmas!

Winter Wonderland

Gingerbread House Update

Another Tradition: Christmas Light Touring

Another Tagging...

Fantasy vs. Reality

Soren's LEAST Favorite Things

Soren's Favorite Things

Peter Swears He Didn't Teach Soren To Do This


What a Difference a Year Makes!

Not To Be Trusted...

We Made a Gingerbread House!

A Cold Day on the Oregon Coast

He Looks Like Me!

Where Does Jesus Live?

Christmas Traditions

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!

Why We Love Satsumas

Psychedelic Snacks

Today Soren Told His First Story...

More Funny Soren Sayings...

Sitting With Scissors

The Joy of Christmas

Gastric Bypass, Anyone?

Taking the Stomach Stretch Quite Literally!

Happy Halloween!

Some Train-related Photos

The Big Head

Need to Expand Soren's Vocabulary

Poor Sick Little Guy

The pigeons! First of several posts with pictures from our trip...

We're home!

On the mend...

Darn croup.

More from Poland

More Poland

Traveling with a two year old

Poland now...

Greetings from the Prague Cyber Laundromat

The best photo so far...

Devin Castle

Welcome to Bratislava

We're packed!

My little fashionista

Today's conversation

Fresh Grape Juice - Yum!

A two year old riding a bike?

The latest Soren sayings...

Fishing with Grandpa

Mackinac Island

Flyin' high

We're back from our wonderful Michigan vacation!