Thursday, June 28, 2012

Three on Thursday, Week 26: The Duel

Can you guess what I'm doing here?

hula and bike contest 001

It is kind of hard to photograph, but here's a better shot:

hula and bike contest 004

And another clue:

hula and bike contest 008

Soren is now (gleefully) a two-wheeler rider. No training wheels. So we decided to have a battle to see which of us could sustain our chosen skills longer. Him, bike riding:

hula and bike contest 020

Me, hula hooping.

hula and bike contest 014

It was an epic battle. Round one (2 minutes, which "we" later determined was just a practice round) went to mom (due to someone's bad run in with some gravel.)

hula and bike contest 013

After that small victory I was feeling cocky, certain of my upcoming win. But 8 minutes later, my hula hoop was on the ground, and the small one claimed his victory prize.

hula and bike contest 015

There are some very big advantages in holding battles like this during strawberry season:
hula and bike contest 025

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Good Friends Make You Jump for Joy

My friend Sarah took this picture. Isn't it awesome? Totally shows how much Soren loves playing with his friend Elliot.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Three on Thursday, Week 25: Camping at the Oregon Coast

We went camping with a big group of friends. It was 10,000 kinds of awesome.

beverly beach camping 046

beverly beach camping 061

beverly beach camping boys

beverly beach camping 053

beverly beach camping 170

beverly beach camping2

beverly beach camping

beverly beach camping 068 copy

beverly beach camping 086

beverly beach camping 097

beverly beach camping 103

beverly beach camping 185

beverly beach camping 175

Monday, June 11, 2012

Wings of Wonder

Soren and I were looking for a little outing yesterday. He suggested Wings of Wonder, the local butterfly sanctuary. When I looked it up online, I was sad to note that it will be closing permanently next weekend. That confirmed our desire to head out immediately.

June 032

It is about 95 degrees in the enclosed butterfly garden. This feels great for about a minute, and then sweltering for the remaining time. But Soren was utterly undaunted. We stayed in the gardens for far longer than any of the other visitors.

June 039

So many spectacular colors.

June 031

So many lovely creatures.

June 029


June 043

This last photo makes me smile. Soren snapped it. No photo editting done by me. I changed the camera to auto mode, but somehow he still ended up with this colorized looking image of a butterfly that had attached itself to the leg of a very, very old woman.

June 050