Thursday, May 31, 2012

Three on Thursday, Week 22: Canoeing on the Lake

My hopes of spending more time down at our local lake this summer are going well so far.


We've parked the canoe lakeside for the summer.


For spontaneous afternoon cruises to "Goose Poose Island."


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Portland's 4T Trail

We were looking for a fun family day, so we decided to combine two things in Portland that we'd heard about, but hadn't yet tried.

The first, Soren and I saw on and episode of Man vs. Food. It is the Stepping Stone Cafe in NW Portland, and they are known for their "mancakes."


Stepping stone cafe

In our version of Man vs. Food...the food won!

Stepping stone cafe

Properly fortified, we headed up to the zoo for the start of the 4T Trail. The 4T trail is a tour of the diversity of portland via Trail, Tram, Trolley and Train.


The first T: Trail.


Lovely. So amazing how thick the forest can be right in the middle of the city.


Occasionally, we'd exit the forest to cross a street...


...before heading back into the forest again...


The second T: Tram. It never occured to me that the tram could be closed mid-day! But I guess all of Portland may not be as early-rising as our family.


Fortunately, the opened the tram 30 minutes after we got up there.


The third T: the Trolley (which I didn't think to photograph until after we'd climbed off and it was rolling away!)


The final T: the Train. (Note: Soren carrying Peter's new REI backpack which is stuffed with Powell's books! We can't break our Portland habits even while on a new adventure!)


6 hours later: exhausted, adventured-out and back at the beginning! It was a great day.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Three on Thursday, Week 20: Fun at the Lake

When warm weather hits, Soren starts asking to head down to our small neighborhood lake. This year was no exception. When it warmed up last weekend, he made a plan, packed our lunches and convinced me to take our small raft down to the lake.

Yeah, about that raft. All went well dusting it off and pulling it out of the attic. All went well inflating it and getting it to the lake. And all went well as we pushed off from the shore. And then things went no so well.


That is the sound of the gushing leak from the small puncture in the back of the raft. So, back to shore to a picnic on the dock.

That is our sad little yellow raft in the background below:

2012-05-12 14.59.33.jpg

As luck would have it though, another neighborhood family was also enjoying the day on the lake. And they had the best toys!

spring lake 002

And they shared!

spring lake 006

And so, just as we'd hoped, we had a lovely afternoon on the local lake.

spring lake 007

This year our goal is to get out there more. Be sure to give us a call on the next hot day and we can head down for a picnic and some lake fun! We'll certainly have our raft patched by then, and our canoe parked at the lakeside.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Real Oregon Coast

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted the images from that lovely Oregon coast afternoon? This weekend we were reminded why Oregonians practically dance with glee when we have a sunny, calm day at the coast. It is because they are absolutely not guaranteed, no matter what the weatherman may say.

On Sunday, as the temperatures in the valley headed toward the 90's we thought we were being so clever heading to the coast. We even checked the weather online, 65 degrees and 7 mph winds, perfect! Then six hours later we headed over....


The whitecaps were visible even as we drove into the parking lot. Uh oh. The doors nearly were ripped backwards as we got out of the car. Oops. I grabbed all the spare clothes I'd packed, and we bundled up with every bit of clothing we had. Yikes. And we heading to the beach, picnic basket and blanket in hand.

roads end state park 003

We hunkered down behind some fallen logs and tried to pretend that it wasn't utterly miserable. I held the hummus, and when anyone wanted to dip a cracker I opened the lid, they quickly dipped, and I slammed the lid back down lest any of the driving sand invade our snacks.

While we snacked, the sand literally formed in piles around our legs and covered our blanket. Peter headed to the car to read, while I stood by Soren while he played at the shore. I lasted about 30 minutes, he was of course oblivious to any problems with the experience and just had a blast.

Oh, and then on the way home from our exciting 45-minutes playing at the beach we hit a traffic jam that was so bad that it took us 2.5 hours to get home!

I'd describe the trip as a total bust except Soren loved his time in the sand, and when Soren fell asleep in the car on the way home, Peter and I had a nice talk about the millions of details we never get around to discussing in our day to day busy life. So, a good day in the end.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Three on Thursday, Week 19: the Awesome 3000

The Awesome is awesome! It is crazy how much I like this race: all the excitement of thousands of kids as the get ready for their big race, the cheering adults. It is such a fun day.

awesome 3000 023

Soren's race was 1500 meters again this year. That still seems like a long way for a 1st grader to run, doesn't it?

awesome 3000 040

This year we met up with some of his old friends, new friends, and book club friends.

awesome 3000 059

This is the point that I ran away. Boys in the woods, naturally progresses to boys with big sticks, which ends up at someone being chased. Fortunately, Bill here was quite a sport. And didn't get too bashed (though a little dirty) by an army of boys attacking him.

awesome 3000 063


Thursday, May 03, 2012

Three on Thursday, Week 18: Soren's 7th Birthday

There are no longer any six-year-olds in this household. Last weekend we celebrated Soren's 7th birthday. He's spent weeks counting down to his party. The morning of the big event I told him to go get dressed. This is what he came back with:


With a few wardrobe modifications we headed out to Pietro's Pizza for some lasertag and pizza with friends. I'd like to say that we are instilling strong values in the boy, getting him to value the joy of time with friends at events like this. Well, we're failing there. Because this year he was all about the presents...wondering what he'd get, how many presents he'd get. {Eye roll.} But he wasn't disappointed. What generous and kind friends he has.


Happy Birthday, Soren!