Thursday, March 22, 2012

Three on Thursday, Week 12: Rambutans

Lately, Soren and I have been noticing the unusual fruits at the grocery store. We tried a starfruit a few weeks ago, a horned melon (which turned out to be a cucumber in a very cool presentation), and this week we spotted rambutans. And while Peter and I love rambutans after eating them all over south Asia, I must say that paying $11.99/lb for them is kind of painful.

snow 009

But since Soren was so gung ho about trying them, and they didn't weigh much I picked up two. They sure are fun to peel.

snow 013

The first little taste, where I was expecting the huge brimming smile.

snow 023

Or not. Turns out that our rambutans were slightly fermented. Sigh.

snow 025

Oh well, the adventurous spirit lives. Next I need to figure out what to do with those cactus like fruits (?) that are sometimes available. We want to try those next.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Is This Spring?

Should we be getting used to this? Lately, we've woken frequently to find fallen snow .

snow 034

And today it just didn't stop! It snowed continuously all day. Peter and Soren took advantage of the opportunity to build a huge snowman.

snow day 022

We also made some home-made play doh (did you know you could color it with Koolaid mix? It smells awesome!)

snow day 012

Kneading the warm dough feels great on hands cold from playing in the snow!

snow day 017

We even made lunch for Dad.

snow day 019

Since we enjoyed our kitchen time, we made a yummy (and big!) chocolate cake. To save ourselves from too much temptation we invited all the homebound neighbors over for dessert.

snow day 027

It was a good day.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Three on Thursday, Week 11: Portland Weekend

Last weekend I was feeling like I needed a vacation. So we left it up to Priceline. We said if we could snag a good deal, we'd go. If not, we'd tool around at home for the weekend. Thanks to Priceline we ended up with the Porland Marriott for $57! Awesome.

We also splurged on fine dining. (We LOVE the Portland food wagons!)

portland weekend 005

And just walking around in the Pearl District (heading to REI, of course!)

portland weekend 009

And no Portland trip would be complete without a trip to Powell's.

portland weekend 013

Or VooDoo Donuts.

portland weekend 016

So many yummy choices...

portland weekend 028 little time.

portland weekend 022

These were our selections.

portland weekend 031

A big box of sticky, gooey donuts on pristine, white bedsheets - what could be wrong with that?

portland weekend 035

This picture makes me smile. As Soren was falling asleep he kept mumbling "mom, I really like this round pillow." Apparently he wasn't kidding.

portland weekend 054

We were lazy and enjoyed breakfast in bed and some morning movies.

portland weekend 057

Before heading out for an official Portland Walking Tour.

portland weekend 063

In the rainy, rainy, freezing cold weather.

portland weekend 064

The rain even got this baby bear in a funk.

portland weekend 069

It was a fun tour nonetheless. And we learned a lot of new stuff about Portland. Including that this is the world's smallest park:

portland weekend 074

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Three on Thursday, Week 10: Desperation

The thought behind committing to "three on Thursday" was that it would both inspire me to pick up my camera more, and also set aside at least a tiny bit of time each week to post about our happenings.

bedtime 002

While it has succeed on both counts, it doesn't always succeed. Which is why tonight, Thursday, I found myself pictureless, and desperate.

bedtime 012

So my desperation drove me to run down and snap three shots of my sleeping cherub. Or, as the case may be, my cherub gleefully reading "The Gas We Pass."

bedtime 004

Three on Thursday, accomplished! Barely.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Snow Day

Yesterday was our first official snow day of the year. It was one of those times where our little bit of elevation made all the difference. Many people in town reported only a light dusting. But we got a full, beautiful eight inches. Soren was excited to head out and play!

snow day 002

These are the hills to the north as seen off our deck. So beautiful.

snow day 008

The snow also took out the power. It went off around midnight and didn't come back on until about three in the afternoon. Peter cooked us bacon and eggs for breakfast on the woodstove. Awesome.

snow day 006

Soren and I enjoyed a nice walk in the sunshine. It was so warm that the snow melted fairly quickly, though our road was passable only by high-clearance vehicles until the mid-afternoon.

snow day 010

He wouldn't throw a snowball at his mama, right?

snow day 013

Would he?

snow day 014

Oh, yeah!

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Three on Thursday, Week 9: Great Wolf Lodge + Grandpa's Letter

We went to Great Wolf Lodge last weekend with our friends, the DeWilde's. It is a great place to play...but not so great for taking photos. I didn't even take my camera in to the waterpark because it was too humid and splashy.

This picture was from the bedtime story. Soren (and the other children) were enthralled with the talking trees and owls that tell the story.

great wolf lodge 002

I love the below picture. Soren raced down the hotel hallway every time we went back to our room. He got there so much ahead of the rest of us that he had time to sit and relax before we got there ourselves.

great wolf lodge 028

Soren sent Grandpa P. a picture. He addressed it himself. Any opinion on whether the postal service will be able to decipher it and get it to the destination?

great wolf lodge 032


Last night I was putting on some face creams while Soren was brushing his teeth.

Soren: Mama, why do you put that on your face?
Me: It makes my skin more beautiful.
Soren: But you are beatiful already.
Me: Aw, thanks, buddy.
Soren: You look like you are in your twenties...
Me: (chuckling) Thanks, sweetie.
Soren: ...even though you are like in your fifties!