Thursday, June 30, 2011


There must be a perfect caption for this photo...

july 001

Unfortunately, I don't know what it is. Ideas?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

British Columbia Trip, Part 2

We camped on the way to Nakusp this year. Enjoyed yummy camp food of course.

british columbia 2011 037

Has it become clear yet on this blog that we are a s'more loving family?

british columbia 2011 040

On this trip we packed our food and ate in rest areas, parks, and scenic spots instead of restaurants. It was awesome.

  british columbia 2011 047

Once we made it to Nakusp, Grandpa's Fun Park was a blast.

british columbia 2011 054

I can't believe I didn't get a shot of Grandpa's awesome Chihuahua, Buddy. Soren is in love with her. Three generations of Urban men:

british columbia 2011 057

Peter ran to town one day to continue his conditioning for his next attempt at Mt. Rainier. We picked him up. And bought him some peach juice.

british columbia 2011 061

And of course there was fishing.

british columbia 2011 062

To complete the trip we stopped off to see our friends in Washington on the way home.

british columbia 2011 071

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

North Cascades National Park

On our way to British Columbia this year we decided to take a new route. See some new things.
british columbia 2011 001

Until a few days before we left, I'd never even heard of North Cascades National Park. Which was almost reason enough to go.
british columbia 2011 021

No stranger to National Parks, Soren headed right in to figure out how to get himself a Junior Ranger badge.

british columbia 2011 004

And then he searched...

british columbia 2011 009

british columbia 2011 014

...and marked his way to another badge.
british columbia 2011 008

(I missed getting a shot of the swearing in ceremony, so cute!, because I was making lunch in the parking lot!)

british columbia 2011 019

It was a beautiful park.

british columbia 2011 030

Can you believe we'd never even heard of it?

british columbia 2011 029

We all gave it a thumbs up!

british columbia 2011 027

british columbia 2011 026

The extreme snowfall this winter meant the paths weren't open yet. All the more fun for explorers.

british columbia 2011 022

Explorers, like us.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Graduate

Can you believe we have our very own graduate?

kindergarten graduation 019

After 3 fabulous years at Montessori, Soren is ready to move on.
kindergarten graduation 028

Looking ahead to that opportunity and challenge that is first grade.

kindergarten graduation 040

Thinking of all he's learned and all he has ahead.

kindergarten graduation 058

Saying goodbye to his beloved teacher.

kindergarten graduation 063

So grateful for the gentle care he found there.

kindergarten graduation 066

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Honeyman State Park

As a planner, I usually have our major summer weekends lined up in advance. Getting spots in some of the more popular parks can be tricky sometimes.

honeyman camping 002

So when we noticed last minute that the weekend forecast was warm and sunny and they had spots available at Honeyman State Park we jumped on a great camping weekend! After a small diversion to be sure we had at least one muddy family member at all times...

honeyman camping 006

...and a quick glamour shot...

honeyman camping 026

...we set up camp and headed out to explore Honeyman's fabulous dunes.

honeyman camping 032

And the small inland lake below.

honeyman camping 033

I'm amazed to report that none of the lightening fast sprints down the dunes ended in anyone with a mouthful of sand. That is mostly what I remember about running down dunes as a child, someone always gets a mouthful of sand!

honeyman camping 035

But for us it was just smiles all around.

honeyman camping 059

And a short bike ride back to the campsite.

honeyman camping 064