Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Lemonade Stand

Soren, running into the house: Mom, can I have some cups? The girls and I are making a lemonade stand.

Me: Sure, here you go.

A few minutes later, Soren again running into the house: Mom, can I have some lemonade?

lemonade stand 002

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Chess Set

When we travel, we rarely buy "things." We're not collectors, or shoppers, or souvenir hunters. It used to be because we spent all our money on the trip itself or because we didn't really have a place to fit or a way to carry a pile of purchases.

chess 027

But every once in awhile we come across that one perfect thing. That item that was unique in such a way that we'd contemplate maybe, just possibly, we could figure out a way to get it home.

chess 021

This chess set was one of those things. Way too big to consider carrying with us. Way too fragile.
Way too expensive.

  chess 020

And in the end way too worth it.

chess 017

It wasn't without its difficulties, which included me literally getting caught in a Ecuadorian turnstyle (on a bus!) because my package was too huge to board properly.

chess 007

When I bought it I had no idea that the joy it would bring me would not be only from the beauty of the pieces but also from watching these two play.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Saturday, May 07, 2011

The Awesome 3000

The Awesome 3000 is a race put on by our local school district every year. It is huge, and indeed Awesome. Purple shirted kids everywhere!

awesome 3000 079

For Soren's age the distance was 1500 meters.

awesome 3000 083

And while that is a nice distance for a 6 year old, I did convince him that he probably wouldn't require a Powerbar while on the course.

awesome 3000 086

He had a small wardrobe malfunction in the muddy area when he lost a shoe. But a kind adult sorted him out and sent him on his muddy-socked way.

awesome 3000 106

It was a fabulous day.

awesome 3000 107

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Soren's 6th Birthday Party

2011 birthday (14)

For Soren's sixth birthday I succeeded in creating the world's ugliest birthday cake.

2011 birthday (2)

Fortunately, the recipient thought it was the world's BEST birthday cake. I guess knowing your audience does count for something! We had the party at the Kroc rec center. Complete with a little Simon Says...

2011 birthday (3)

Star Wars presents...

2011 birthday (5)

Friends to help open presents...

2011 birthday (11)

Darth Vader pinata...

2011 birthday (7)

Which apparently required some serious strength!

2011 birthday (9)

The requisite song and candle-blowing...

2011 birthday (13)

And a climbing wall!

2011 birthday (16)

...a really high climbing wall...

2011 birthday (17)

A climbing wall so awesome...

2011 birthday (19)

..that even spider-dad couldn't resist!

2011 birthday