Monday, October 25, 2010

Quick Michigan Trip

Soren and I went to Michigan for a quick trip. And I actually forgot to bring my camera! Shocking and unforgiveable. But at least I had my camera phone available for cute photo moment emergencies. 2010-10-23 14.54.20 I was actually there for my 25th high school class reunion! It was a blast. I guess I'll need to go to the 30th year reunion if I want to get any pictures.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Victoria Marathon 2010

Warning: this post comes with more pictures of me than have ever appeared on this site!

sept oct 093

See, it appears that running marathons makes me happy.

sept oct 094

Freakishly, can't-stop-smiling kind of happy.

sept oct 097

Wow, you can really see the excitement on my face. In every last shot.

sept oct 101

Months and months of training...

sept oct 103

...all culminating on this one huge day.

sept oct 105

Surrounded by thousands of like-minded people who have been equally devoted to the cause all summer.

sept oct 102

Seriously, don't I look like I'm about to burst with giddiness?

sept oct 106

Those shots? Ever last one taken before the race started.

Then the gun went off.

I endured 26.2 miles of agony (though, truth be told, not all of them were actually agony.) Whoa, I'd even done this before and still was surprised just how f.a.r. a marathon is. (For those of you who haven't done one: it is far. Very far.) It hurt. I hurt. A lot.

And the end...I was still moving.

sept oct 122

Barely, perhaps. But I was indeed moving forward.

sept oct 124

And I crossed that finish line!

sept oct 125

And was back to smiling again.

sept oct 137

This last picture really makes me laugh. Peter took one look at my face in the hotel room about 2 hours into my recovery. He said "do not move, don't try to put on a smile. Just keep your expression just like it is." And here is post-marathon Amy in the privacy of my hotel room:

sept oct 138

Totally cracks me up. Stunned. Bewildered. Beaten up. And in my lovely compression hose (I do love those things though!) There you have it: from smiles to stunned in a mere 26.2 miles.

(Oh, and to answer the question that so many people seem to ask: yes, you bet I'll do another.)

Sunday, October 03, 2010