Monday, May 24, 2010

The Alien Festival

Really, can you hear the name "Alien Festival" and not want to go?

Me neither.

I told Soren about it and that there would be people dressed up as aliens, so he immediately said he wanted to dress up like Spiderman. Um, of course?

alien festival 001

Well, he was definitely the only Spiderman at the Alien Festival.

alien festival 008

And he was most certainly the only Spiderman wearing a floppy hat at the Alien Festival.

alien festival 012

For 2010, about 80% of the aliens appeared to have just walked off the set of Avatar. Or at least walked near it.

alien festival 025

Or maybe they were from a galaxy that was kind of like Avatar, but mostly not.

alien festival 023

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Random Photo

Just a random photo of my underwear-wearing youngin' playing a bit of backyard baseball. :-)

cowboy hat 005a

Friday, May 14, 2010

Our First Family Canoe Outing

Last weekend came with a fabulous weather forcast, no prior engagements, and all of us (ok, me!) just itching to get outside for some family fun.

As you've probably noticed, we're pretty good about regularly taking family vacations. But I don't feel quite as successful at just taking small family daytrips. On weekends it seems that we all kind of get into our habits and busy things. Soren and I stop off along the way for some fun adventures, but I want more family time! So my new resolution was to try to find more 3-4 hour adventures rather than just feeling like I needed to plan a whole trip.

I decided that canoeing would be a good option. Ever since Soren and I visited Willamette Mission State Park last month, I've been hoping to head back there with the canoe. But still, with the slow driving required with the canoe mounted on the truck, it would still take us nearly an hour to get there. Not exactly a quick outing.

So, I pulled up some satellite maps online and searched for a nearby body of water. Enter: Aumsville Ponds County Park! Never heard of it before, and it is only 8 miles from our house!

sunny may days 102

I packed some snacks. We tossed up the canoe. And off we went!

sunny may days 090

It wasn't the most exotic setting ever, but it was perfect for our purposes. Lots of resident (hungry!) geese and ducks.

sunny may days 075

I do have to admit that geese and ducks kind of freak me out when they get near Soren. He's pretty brave, but I've seen them chase people for food, and those beaks are hard! But as long as one of us was hovering not too far away, I guess it was ok.

sunny may days 086

But, mostly, there was the fun and relaxing canoeing.

sunny may days 064

I made the mistake of only bringing my 50mm lens. Sigh. Which means that I usually have to back waaaaay up to get a non-close-up shot. Well, really, there is a fairly serious limitation in how far you can back up in a canoe!

sunny may days 056

Peter said he kept hearing the sounds of pirates on the shore. Soren did a good job keeping an eye out for them.

sunny may days 039

And also watching for goslings, turtles and fish...

sunny may days 021

It was a great mini outing. Look for more of those from us in the future. A lot of fun.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Has Anyone Seen Soren?

Hey - Has anyone around here seen Soren?

sunny may days 002

You know, that blonde-haired boy that I hang out with every now-and-then?

sunny may days 004

He's oh, about three and half feet tall. Pretty wiggly. You know who I mean?

sunny may days 008

What? You haven't seen him either?

sunny may days 006

Ok, if you do find him will you please tell him I've been looking for him?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mystery Solved

We had BBQ ribs last night. Yum. I properly outfitted the whole family in paper towels because while they are tasty, they can be just the tiniest bit messy.

Soren ended up with bbq sauce from ear to ear. But he didn't get one single drop on his paper towel bib. That seemed fairly miraculous.

But when he stepped away from the table I discovered his dirty secret.

mothers day 007

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Monday, May 03, 2010

The Eyes Have It

Unfortunately, what they have is pink eye.

pink eye 001

(and maybe a smidge of chocolate brownie around the mouth...that's gotta help, right?)

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Soren's Birthday Party

Yesterday was Soren's birthday party. This is the first year we've done a kid's party and he was really, really (really) excited about it. He shares a birthday with Sheila, a girl in his class, so we did a joint party and invited the whole class.

I made a cake that I've been dying to try for awhile. I was a little (ok, a lot!) nervous about transporting it to the party...what if all the layers slid off?!


But I needn't have worried, it arrived safely and still in a stack.

We had the party at the Humane Society. They did a great job and gave the kids a tour of the place. They listened closely to the instructions...

humane society birthday party 053

...and then got to go out and visit with the animals.

humane society birthday party 057

humane society birthday party 069

humane society birthday party 061

Including letting them pretend to be dogs...17 children make the NOISIEST group of dogs you'll ever find anywhere!

humane society birthday party 070

But mostly it was just fun to celebrate with special friends.

humane society birthday party 084

And of course blow out candles for your birthday!

humane society birthday party 089

humane society birthday party 094

The cake stayed in one piece until we were down to the very last slice...then it toppled over.

humane society birthday party 104

Happy 5th Birthday Soren!!