Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Steve Miller's Influence...

Soren was goofing around the other day. Peter turned to him and said, "Are you a joker?"

Soren didn't miss a beat and responded, "I'm a joker, I'm a smoker, I'm a midnight toker."

Oh well, at least he didn't announce that while we were at the pediatrician or in a crowd at Walmart, right? My little 4-year old smoker. Nice.

Monday, July 27, 2009

What I'm Up Against

Seriously, who could say no to this face?

stone creek ranch 185 copy

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Rest of the Vacation, Yellowstone

Soren liked talking to the Rangers. Most of the time he asked about safety-related things, like "um, can that bison jump over that fence?" (The answer was an emphatic yes.)

yellowstone 092 copy

yellowstone 150 copy

And for this Ranger, Soren asked "What kills you?" Poor kid, he really took the "don't step on the geyser" posters to heart.

yellowstone 103 copy

He was quite happy, and safe, though just out hiking on the trails.

yellowstone 146 copy

Well, except for when Peter was trying the "headlock carry" on him! (I'm still not quite sure how this hold worked exactly, because Soren absolutely loved it.)

yellowstone 182 copy

We climbed all the stairs up to the top of Mammoth Hot Springs. In fact, Soren led us running up the whole way. Amazing what he can accomplish when he's pretending to be an express train.

yellowstone 200 copy

(Though I'm certain he's cuter than any ol' express train on the island of Sodor.)

vacation 133 copy

One of the nice thing about being on vacation is that mom and dad will let you go out for breakfast while wearing your jammies. Oh, and playing the bubble game on mom's cell phone isn't bad either.

yellowstone 210 copy

What a great vacation!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009

Stone Creek Ranch, the Rodeo!

Ok, boys, listen up! See these here chickens?

stone creek ranch 263 copy

Well, I'm gonna give them a little toss...

stone creek ranch 267 copy

...and you're all gonna run like crazy...

stone creek ranch 305 copy

...and try to get ahold of one of them!

stone creek ranch 272 copy

And then pose with pride...

stone creek ranch 380 copy

...at your incredible cowboy prowess!

stone creek ranch 391 copy

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stone Creek Ranch, the Canoeing and Horses!

There was so much fun stuff to do at the ranch that it was hard to decide what to do next! Visiting the horses was fun:

stone creek ranch 046 copy

stone creek ranch 160 copy

And Soren pretty much begged to go canoeing from the moment he first saw the canoes.

stone creek ranch 420 copy

stone creek ranch 424 copy

stone creek ranch 428 copy

stone creek ranch 437 copy

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stone Creek Ranch, the Fishing

On our first morning at the Ranch, some of Peter's older cousins rounded up the younger boys to go fish for our breakfast.
stone creek ranch 029 copy

Soren got right to work...

stone creek ranch 006 copy

...and had HUGE success, which you'll see pleased him quite a bit!

stone creek ranch 011 copy

He couldn't wait to actually get his hands on his Trout.

stone creek ranch 015 copy

And once the catch started piling up, he just couldn't stop poking at them!

stone creek ranch 111 copy

It was a fabulous fishing session and an even more delicious breakfast 30 minutes later!

stone creek ranch 085 copy

Monday, July 20, 2009

Continuing the Great Summer 2009 Vacation

After leaving Twin Falls, we made our way leisurely over to Uncle David's Wyoming ranch. We stopped in Soda Springs, Idaho to check out their huge geyser which is on a timer and gets released every hour on the hour!

vacation 019 copy

vacation 022 copy

But mostly we were looking forward to getting to Peter's Uncle's Wyoming ranch, Stone Creek Ranch. They were hosting a big family reunion with Peter's mother's side of the family. What a fantastic, spectacular, beautiful, stupendous location! The ranch used to be owned by a hunting outfitter and so it has a main lodge and several cabins around the property.

Here's the view from our cabin:

stone creek ranch 182 copy

Our cabin:

stone creek ranch 170 copy

To say that there was a lot of great stuff to do would be a horrible understatement. Soren was pretty much in heaven the whole time. Great outdoor stuff and piles of relatives in the under 7-year old category was a recipe for Soren happiness!

There were swings:

vacation 131 copy


stone creek ranch 507 copy


stone creek ranch 195 copy

Beautiful views:

stone creek ranch 198 copy


stone creek ranch 412 copy

Similarly sized cousins:

stone creek ranch 042 copy

Campfire stories:

stone creek ranch 524 copy


stone creek ranch 556 copy

And, well, so much other great stuff that I'm going to have to post about it in a few installments!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Who Knew? Idaho Is Cool!

Finding absolutely no Idaho guidebooks at the libary last week didn't exactly bode well for the potential excitement of a trip to Idaho. We've traveled across northern Idaho and have been impressed with the extreme beauty up there, but we really haven't explored the south.

So, after a bit of online research we decided to base ourselves in Twin Falls for a few nights in order to check out the place a little and keep ourselves from just zipping through the state.

We rented a cute little cabin:

vacation 183ed

And spent the day out exploring. Of course, we started with a quick stop at the Tourist Info place to be sure we didn't miss anything.

vacation 093ed

The tourist office is right next to the amazing Perrine Bridge which is some really amazing number of feet tall, and from which people actually jump with parachutes on their back! (If you look closely in this picture you can see two parachutes on the way down.)

vacation 064ed

We watched them for awhile.

vacation 033ed

And then did what all tourists do - took pictures of ourselves in front of said interesting site!

vacation 044ed

It really was spectacular.

vacation 087ed

Next we visited Shoshone Falls which beats Niagra Falls on some sort of record (can you see that I'm not the one quizzing tour guides for more details?)

vacation 115ed

They were impressive!

vacation 121ed

vacation 107ed

Soren and Peter learned a lot about the facts and history of the falls while I took pictures of them learning about those facts and history.

vacation 142ed

The last stop of the day was a local lake for a bit of swimming and digging.

vacation 163ed

Soren made friends and was thrilled to be able to play with a Bluegill. I can't promise that the Bluegill was quite as thrilled, but he did get to go back into the water regularly.

vacation 180ed