Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

It isn't really Thanksgiving until some child makes a turkey out of a handprint!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just Say No to Baby Dolls

I've always believed that we've followed Soren's lead in terms of the types of toys he likes to play with. If he shows an interest in a particular type of toy we try to get those for him to play with. So he's amassed quite a collection of trains, tractors, trucks, cars. Typical "boy toys." It just seems to be what he likes to play with.

But each time we go to Grandpa and Grandma's house in Michigan he has a great fascination with a baby doll that they have. She comes with a small, working, pink stroller. Soren loves pushing her around and around the house. So it made me wonder if perhaps I had been limiting his exposure to toys that are more often considered to be "girl toys."

So, last time we were in Michigan and I was cleaning out some of the random piles of stuff that are still accumulated in their basement I came across my old Cabbage Patch doll (or maybe it belonged to one of my sisters, who knows.) So, I told Soren that we could take it home for him to play with. His response:

"No, I don't want to play with that doll."

Thinking that maybe he just didn't really understand me, or perhaps he was in a bad mood, or maybe he'd warm up to playing with her once he was home...or some other random possibility might occur, I took her home with us.

Since then she's been sitting on the dresser in my bedroom. I offered her to Soren once or twice, but he had no interest. Still, I didn't really have a place for her elsewhere so she's just been sitting on my dresser.

The other night we were in my room and Soren saw her. He looked at me, pointed at her and said "I do not like that doll. She has to go back to Michigan."

Hm, I guess it wasn't just that we've given him boy toys. I'm now convinced that the reason he loves Grandma's doll is that she comes on wheels.

So, I guess if you are in the market for a gently loved 30 year old Cabbage Patch doll I can probably help you out with that.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Either Soren is getting much better at playing hide and seek with me...or...Peter really needs to get control of his chest hair!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Yesterday was our first ever parent teacher conference. I was actually really excited. Peter talks to Soren's teacher quite a lot about how he's doing and so I didn't really expect any great surprises. Mostly I was expecting something like:

blah blah blah genius blah blah really sweet. blah blah great kid. blah blah blah joy to be around...

You get the idea.

And more or less it did proceed that way. Then she pulled out few things to show us what he was doing in class. She started with his self portrait:


Immediately my mind ran to that night where against my better judgement I tried the cry it out method to get Soren to sleep on his own. Now I was reaping the result of that horrific mothering. My kid was crazy!

Or maybe it was because we let him play with bugs too much. That had to be it. Maybe he identified with them more than he did with humans! What had I done!

As I braced myself for the teacher's pronouncement of my child's severe identity issues I heard her say "...and this actually shows some advanced concepts..."

Um, say what?

My kid doesn't think he's a bug? I haven't totally and irrevocably screwed him up yet?

She did explain herself...something about drawing body parts that are attached together and that being pretty good for three. I didn't actually hear much of it. I was just taking a deep sigh of relief, Soren didn't think he was a bug or space alien.


Friday, November 14, 2008

My Friend Life Chef

Hey, if you have a second go check out my friend's entry to become The Next Foodnetwork Star. She's cool and makes yummy food. Leave a comment on her page to let them know you think she'd be the best Foodnetwork Star ever (because she would!)

A Night of Firsts

Recently we had a night filled with firsts for Soren. His first round of miniature golf which included his first ever hole in one (and the only one achieved by any of us that night, I might add).

And his first ever trip to The Konditerei, our town's famous, delight-filled cake shop.

What a fabulous outing!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Buttons Are Tricky

Too bad I started filming after his successful unbuttoning of the first two buttons...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Julia and Fam Comes to Oregon

My friend Julia swooped back through Oregon for a very nice, but quick visit a few weeks ago. We hadn't seen each other since either of us had children, so things were very different from our old visits!

This is Soren intrigued by pretty little Avi:

And generously sharing his mom's lap with Asa... Trying to get a photo with two squirmy boys...
...still trying...
...still trying...
Giving up and letting the boys escape while the ladies posed.

Monday, November 10, 2008

And There Was Much Rejoicing!

The bad news: Soren has a heck of a cold. Sniffly, sneezy, and coughy.
The good news: He's on the tail end of it AND it didn't turn into croup!

He had all the tell-tale signs on Friday, so I was prepared for a sleepless night that night. He coughed a bit, but slept soundly! Could it be? Could he really have finally outgrown the dreaded croup? I'm knocking on all wooden things near me hoping that I'm not jinxing him by writing about this, but it looks like we might be done with croup! Most estimates say that kids outgrow it around 3, but I've read other things that said some kids are prone to it much later than that. Please, please, let the shadow of croup be gone from our house forever!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Today is the Day, Too!

Not to diminish the historic nature of yesterday being "the day," I have to say that today is also the day in our house. Today is the day that all the Halloween candy in our house will be gone!
Soren has been getting small rations from his candy bounty ever since Halloween. After he eats a good meal I tell him that he can have one big piece or two small pieces of candy. And every single time, he chooses the small pieces. This is not about delayed gratification or saving the best for last. He truly thinks that two things, regardless of size, are better than one thing.

I find this particularly funny since what actually defines a great house for trick or treating is giving away full size candy bars. I still remember from my childhood talking about which neighborhoods would be best for scoring the full size treats.

I'm sure this is one of those developmental stages. Remember those comparisons where they'd show something really short but wide vs. something that was narrow and very tall so that you could determine which one had more? Soren will go for quantity vs. size every single time.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Monday, November 03, 2008

What Did You Do At School Today?

I've definitely been getting gypped out of the details of Soren's day at school. So I did the "what did you do in school" test with Soren to see if I could find out more about his day. As you all know, the kid is a talker. Has been practically since birth it seems. But he just doesn't rattle off details of his experiences. Example:

Me: How was school today?
Soren: Good.
Me: What did you do?
Soren: Played.
Me: Uh, what kinds of things did you play with?
Soren: (Pulling out the Toys R Us flyer from the Sunday paper) Will you buy this for me?
Me: Did you play with Jack in school today?
Soren: There are two Jacks. And Ella. And we did bats.
Me: What did you learn about bats?
Soren: (blank look)
Me: Did you learn about what they eat? What do they eat?
Soren: They eat bugs, fruit and sometimes a mouse.
Me: And where do they live?
Soren: In trees.
Me: And how do they get around?
Soren: They fly. But they don't have nanas. (Hm, they are mammals right? Shouldn't they have nanas?) And they have fur.
Me: Wow, you learned a lot about bats.
Soren: Yes, now we can buy a bat.
Me: Uh...
Soren: Actually, we can't buy one yet. I have to learn more about them at school first.
Me: (very big look of relief)

See what I mean? He'll answer questions, but he doesn't ever just rattle off a string of details. I'll get the story, or part of it, eventually. For example, the bat story continued the next morning while we were making breakfast:

Soren: Sometimes bats drink blood.
Me: Er, really?
Soren: Yes, they drink cows' blood. But the cows don't know it. Want to play bats and cows?
Me: (Look of panic) Um, let's finish making breakfast first.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Silver Falls State Park

Today we managed to sneak in a quick hike out at Silver Falls State Park. It was mostly a rainy day, but we were lucky to get out there between rainy periods. Such a lovely park. It is always on our agenda when we have out of town guests. But I guess we haven't had new out of town guests lately, because it has been far too long since we were last there.

This picture is taken from behind the waterfall. It is so cool to stand in this dark cave with the ROARING waterfall cruising past.
See the waterfall on the right?
Soren was thrilled to pick up fallen leaves so that he could throw them in the river...
Not sure if he was trying to slow Peter down or speed himself up...
So many ENORMOUS leaves which Auntie Christine was great at finding!

It was a great afternoon!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Soren is a Completely Original & Unique Boy

As those of you who read this blog must know by now, Soren is a unique kid. Very unusual, special, one-of-a-kind. There's no one quite like him. Yep, a true original. Unlike any other person in the whole wide world. A fresh thinker. An innovator. A true independent mind. Just thought I'd remind you all of that.

Oh yeah, since last night was Halloween I should probably add a few trick-or-treating photos:

Isn't that hilarious?! Completely unplanned we went trick or treating with friends of ours who had young boys. And everyone came dressed up as Spiderman! It was a lot of fun though.

But even funnier was that the whole time we were trick or treating Soren kept asking if we could go back to Cayden's house to play with the trains! Wow, trains trump even limitless candy. That's love.

He also asked as we approached each house "is a dog gonna be there?" Poor kid has had twenty or so too many incidents where dogs jumped on him and knocked him over. But we were lucky, no jumpy dogs on our route tonight.
Grandma came through with a total score of a present to tie in with the Spiderman theme of the evening. She brought over a handful of candy...but it came in this really awesome bag!