Thursday, January 26, 2012

Three on Thursday, Week 4: Random photos

I promise, we actually do feed this child:

 omsi 004 copy

Macho man:

 omsi 006 copy

I like to think that the real astronauts hold hands on the controls too.

omsi 038 copy

And, just because I'm feeling generous again this week, a fourth image. My new hairstyle (actually this is when I was playing with electricity in the physics room at OMSI.)

omsi 028

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Three on Thursday, Week 3: Meet Dave.

Grandpa's are the best. Soren has been begging...pleading...for a pet. Our previous Beta stories (here, for example) didn't end particularly well. And since then, Soren has asked for a new pet. He's tried finding them in the yard (snakes and baby birds) but those eventually need to be freed. And he ends up, once again, petless.

This year, Grandpa U., in his extraordinarily generous and just the tiniest bit conniving way, came up with a plan to rescue our boy from his petless existence. Money! For Christmas, Soren got a check. To buy a dog. Oy.

It certainly brought about some interesting conversations in our house - Peter and I privately (and with every other adult that we know!) discussed this one before telling Soren of the bounty. But the end result is that we just aren't ready for that kind of pet commitment. There are so many awesome things about dogs, but well, there are also many not awesome things.

But, Grandpa did spark the idea that maybe we could graduate from fish. So, meet Dave (can you guess what Soren's Grandpa's first name is?)

dave 014

She's a teddy bear hamster. And as cute as can be.

dave 006

Soren adores her.

dave 004

And I have to admit, I think she's pretty darn cute myself. So much so, that even though it is Three on Thursday, I'll add a fourth image.

dave 016

Welcome to the family, Dave. And thanks, Grandpa!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Three on Thursday, Week 2: Vikings, Spas and a Good Night's Rest

The library's discovery room, where they feature hands-on learning experiences for kids, is currently titled "Nordic Experience." Thanks to his Nordic ancesters (including Magnus the Blind) Soren had no difficulty jumping right in.

january 022

We had our own little "spa night" last weekend. Santa brought me some facial masks in my stocking this year, and Soren has been asking about them since then. One of them was the simple peel-off mask, so I thought it would be perfect for him. It was.

january 007

Peter and I have a cozy new electric blanket, so Soren and I have been doing our bedtime reading there which often results in someone getting to fall asleep there too. This picture makes me smile not only because of the sweetness of a sleeping child, but also because it shows the continual state of my nightstand - especially now that it is piled with my and his books.

january 005

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Fun With Light Sabers

(As I'd hoped, getting re-started with blogging has inspired me to try to catch up with what I missed last Fall. So, I'll post these stories as if they are current and then every week or so, re-order them to their proper chronological position - my OCD tendencies can't handle having them with the wrong dates for too long!)

My kid loves light sabers. In fact, he loves everything Star Wars-related.

light saber 009

So when he insisted on busting his best Jedi moves in complete darkness, I couldn't help but try to capture the moment.

light saber 004

Most of the pictures came out a blurry mess, but his one is my favorite...kind of like a ghost is wielding a light saber!

light saber 019

Friday, January 06, 2012

Would You Like to Buy Some Popcorn?

Soren's scouting troop sold popcorn as a fundraiser.


Peter gave Soren all the secrets to successfully accosting people in front of Fred Meyer.


You just have to wait really patiently...


And give 'em a big smile!


Thursday, January 05, 2012

Three on Thursday, Week 1: The Awesomeness of Cousins

Ah, dear blog, languishing away. Sigh. I think of blogging, intend to blog something...and then life gets in the way. I'm grateful for the history I've compiled here, and yet, somehow, the current news, the news that will someday add to this history is unaccounted for...

But, with a little help from my friends I'm hoping to remedy that for 2012. Today starts the "Three on Thursday" project. Others attempt 365-projects where they post a picture every day but I know that is too daunting. But three photos, once a week? Yes, I can manage that. Who knows, maybe it will even inspire me to post on any of the other 6 days each week.

So, here goes.

This week is about The Awesomeness of Cousins:

Michigan Christmas 046 copy

Michigan Christmas 124 copy

Michigan Christmas 086 copy