Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011

Movies, Part II

To follow up our previous conversation, Soren started again.

Soren: Mom, Ice Age is not real.
Me: That's right. How do you know?
Soren: Because we don't actually know what color dinosaurs were, so those colors on the dinosaurs in Ice Age have to be made up.
Me: (Not sure if the clues that the mammoth talks to the saber-tooth tiger would have been a more obvious clue, but whatever...) And what about Puss in Boots, is that real?
Soren: Made up. (and just as I was starting to think he was learning about animated vs. "real' movies, he finished...) But it must have been really hard to find cats that could do those moves and walk!

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Movie Reviews

Soren: Mom, can cats use swords?
Me: Um. Well, I suppose cats that have hands can use swords.
Soren: Well then how did Puss in Boots (the recent animated movie) use a sword?
Me: Do you think those cats are real?
Soren: Yes, they are real. I saw a behind the scenes show and they showed the cats learning to swordfight.

Later, while we were driving in the car.

Soren: Mom, can I see the movie Puss in Boots?
Me: Well, I don't know yet. First I want to hear from people who have seen it to know if it is ok for you to watch. I want to see if there is too much fighting or  being rude.
Soren: Oh
Me: I also want to know if there are bad words.
Soren: There was one in Rio!
Me: (thinking...I saw Rio. I liked Rio. I don't remember any bad words...) What was it?
Soren: Nigel!

I almost burst out laughting. He thinks I check out movie reviews to find out if there are bad birds in movie, not bad words!