Friday, April 29, 2011

Soren is six!

Soren was pretty excited about his birthday this year. So much so that we created a birthday countdown calendar.

bday countdown

The Montessori birthday party was everything he hoped it would be.


My 6 year old boy:


Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Best Part...

The best part of every Easter Bunny is always the ears... april 016

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Walk

While I was out running last weekend near our house, I came across a couple of photographers who told me that there were newborn owls down the train tracks.
april 133
On one of our loveliest spring evenings of the year so far, I convinced the fam to head out to try to find them.

april 138
We brought dinner.

april 150
And may or may not have been begged by this mama to pose for a picture or two.

april 158
But they are pros at that by now anyway now, no?

april 156
We found all sorts of fabulous big, metal, dirty stuff that kept the boys well occupied on the trek to find the owls.

april 148
And that always includes rocks, of course.

april 142
We got near to the owl nest but then the mom was flying around in such noisy distress at our presence that we turned back. We never did see the babies. But we had a lovely evening walk nonetheless.

april 136

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Family-friendly Side of Las Vegas

The final destination for our road trip was Las Vegas since I had a work event there. It was great that we arranged to meet our good friends there for a few days of fun. Circus Circus has lots of fun stuff for kids, of course.

2011 spring break 243

2011 spring break 250

2011 spring break 260

And you can pretend you actually took your spring break vacation in Paris.

2011 spring break 276

Always my favorite site in Las Vegas, the ceiling in the reception area at the Bellagio.

2011 spring break 286

Tired after a long day...

2011 spring break 295

The kids give Las Vegas a big thumbs up!

2011 spring break 296

Friday, April 15, 2011

Death Valley National Park

A rare site: a Joshua tree covered in snow. It was snowy as we descended into Death Valley, but was dry and warmer by the time we got to the bottom.

2011 spring break 182

2011 spring break 189

2011 spring break 198

We always love Ranger talks.

2011 spring break 205

2011 spring break 210

2011 spring break 219

2011 spring break 224

Way, way, way below sea level.

2011 spring break 233

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Break Road Trip 2011: Manzanar, Japanese Internment Camp

Again, another place I'd never heard of. This one we learned about by stopping at one of those random information shops along the highway.

2011 spring break 177

Soren was pretty excited because they offered Junior Ranger badges if you did the assignments. He took it very seriously.

2011 spring break 173

He had to answer questions about what 10 things he'd bring if he was told his family had to pack up and leave (his list included sunscreen & hat, that's my boy!)

2011 spring break 174

He had to draw a picture of something interesting he saw in the museum. He drew a steamer trunk.

2011 spring break 175

It was a fascinating and very well done museum. It is so interesting to talk to Soren about these types of things at this age. He was quick to see that this wasn't a nice thing to do to people. I asked them what he would do if our country was fighting a country and yet had people here from that place. His solution was that he'd ask them about the war and if they seemed sad about it then he'd let them go because they were the good guys.

In the end he earned his Junior Ranger badge.

2011 spring break 179

I'm not sure which of us was prouder.