Monday, August 30, 2010

The Colorado Trip, Part II

Trips involving Grandpa always mean one thing (other than loads of fun): haircuts.

colorado 026

This time was no exception.

colorado 027

Peter even got in on the action. There was no stool in the garage, so they improvised.

colorado 037

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Colorado Trip, Part I

Colorado, oh how we love thee! Spectacular beauty, lots to do, PLUS getting to do it with my family. Could it possibly get any better?

Grandpa and Grandma booked a big condo and said that anyone who could make it would be welcome. That doesn't take much thought, does it? So we ALL made it!

The boys didn't really need anything other than this "swimming pool" right in the middle of the condo.

colorado 017

And maybe a few Scooby-Do videos.

colorado 366

And Grandpa.

colorado 370

And just a little bit of ice cream.

colorado 550

(Soren actually wanted to go say good-bye to the very nice ice cream man before we left town..does that mean we ate too much ice cream?)

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I got a new phone this summer. I've been a smart phone user for a number of years, but I finally bailed on Windows Mobile and moved to Android. Never a lover of adopting new technology, I wasn't feeling very at home yet...until I downloaded a bunch of kid apps and kept Soren which kept Soren entertained on our entire flight to Colorado!

colorado 007

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lava River Cave

Leaving Crater Lake we decided to take a small detour to a site we've never stopped at before, Lava River Cave. Of course we had to stop off at a diner along the way...

crater lake 097

We knew the caves would be cold (hence the bundling of Soren in Peter's jacket this time) and dark (hence the flashlight plus a lantern.)

crater lake 103

And then it was down, down, down into the cave.

crater lake 142

It was pretty cool. And very, very long and deep.

crater lake 117

And so cold that we could see our breath.

crater lake 134

We hiked deep into the cave, no small feat considering that we were hiking over uneven lava tubes in the dark, and then we climb, climb, climbed our way back out into the bright central Oregon sunshine.

crater lake 144

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Growing Up

On our weekend camping trip, Peter told Soren that he was getting big enough to contribute to the chores around the campsite. One of the manly duties he needed to learn was fire building.

I can't even begin to describe how it warmed my heart to hear Daddy giving his son instruction on all the details of building a fire. Gathering the twigs, dried moss and other items for kindling. How to know whether the sticks were dry enough to burn easily. How to stack the wood. How to blow on it to get the fire going.

crater lake 095

And then once the fire was going, there is all the tending that it takes to keep the logs going. I will admit that about 80% of the time I was certain we were on the verge of an imminent burn injury. Five year olds aren't exactly known for their attention to detail and focused attention span. But no one got hurt, Soren felt proud of himself, and I got a perfect s'more roasting fire.

crater lake 092

Monday, August 23, 2010

Camping at Crater Lake

Crate Lake is beautiful.

crater lake 055

Crazy beautiful, actually.

crater lake 006

While walking around it, it is easy to find yourself gasping not only at the altitude, but also at the beauty.

crater lake 007

We had a great weekend camping trip there.

crater lake 014

Hiking and climbing still in our jammies.

crater lake 043

We even took the steep trail down to the lake for the boat tour.

crater lake 063

We found friends down there willing to relieve us of our heavy snack food burdens.

crater lake 059

The lake was chilly though, so we bundled up...

crater lake 074

...while the Ranger told us all about Crater Lake.

crater lake 077

The trip back up the mountain! Most people were gasping and panting as they gained 700 ft of elevation on a 1.1 mile trail. Not Soren though.

crater lake 081

No sir, he was so distracted picking up random pieces of wood to make into boats that he didn't even notice that he was climbing up the side of a mountain!

crater lake 086

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Haulin' My Aspen

Contrary to all perceptions you may have of me as a rational, reasonable person, I'm training for another marathon. I'm hoping to do the Royal Victoria Marathon, in Victoria BC in October.

haulin aspen 241

So I've been running a lot.

haulin aspen 270

I'm actually enjoying it, or I was. Now I'm starting to get to the high mileage days. Those are just hard. No way around it, they are just hard.

haulin aspen 252

Last year I trained all summer and then ran the Portland Marathon. And while that was sooo utterly rewarding, I thought I should take advantage of all this training and run more than just one event.

haulin aspen 271

So when I came across the Haulin' Aspen Half-marathon trail run, I couldn't resist. If I'm going to be running those distances in training anyway, I may as well get a t-shirt out of the deal, right?

haulin aspen 287

And what a blast! Rumor has it that real trail runners have special trail running shoes. Whatever. I just used my regular running shoes which ended up a bit worse for wear in all the dust.

haulin aspen 291

And while the running was great, I do have to say that arriving at the end to see my fan club was the best part.

haulin aspen 294

I really do have the best fans.

haulin aspen 299

Monday, August 09, 2010

Rare Family Photo

While we do many things as a family, one thing we don't often do as a family is pose for a picture. But it does happen occasionally. Or at least once.

haulin aspen 231

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Yes, This is How we Dress when we Visit the Big City

august 128

This picture totally cracks me up. On the way home from Camperoo at the Zoo we stopped off at Portland to go to REI. For one thing, Peter is in sweats. Soren is in jammies. Oh, and he's upside down as they walk through town. And he's wearing the new headband that I just bought at REI.

I swear those big city folks can see us country bumpkins coming a mile away.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Camperoo at the Zoo 2010

August always means that it is time for our one of our favorite summer events: Camperoo at the Zoo.

august 036

There's just something so cool about doing your zoo touring while still in jammies.

august 052

august 047

Soren was particularly excited to see the Visayan Warty Hogs from the Philippines. We're going to the Philippines for Christmas and he's certain that these guys will be there to greet him when our plane touches down in Manila.

august 035

To complete the "camperoo" experience, they supply the fixin's and fire for s'mores.

august 028

...which I believe I've mentioned about one million times here, makes our family very happy.

august 032

Soren of course loves the zoo train.

august 093

Me too.

august 076

And, whadyaknow, we ended up with our second family shot of the summer! Miracles do happen.

august 083

Friday, August 06, 2010