Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day at the Museum(s)

I'm in Washington DC for work. Peter and Soren were scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, but - surprise, surprise - they got bumped! So they arrived on Thursday instead.

I had to work for awhile yesterday, so they headed out early to the museums. 5 hours later they were just wrapping up at the National Museum of American History! I thought Peter was the world's biggest museum fan...but it looks like Soren might challenge him for that title.

dc museums 003

When I caught up with them, Soren was pleading please, please, please can we go to more museums? So we went over to the Museum of Natural History.

dc museums 014

Which was clearly designed with small boys in mind.

dc museums 061

Where else can you pretend to stand in the belly of a great white shark?

dc museums 017

Or scare yourself silly sticking your hand in their mouth?

dc museums 034

It cracked me up when he saw a big exhibit all about life in the sea and he exclaimed, "Hurry, mom, let's go study about the oceans!"

dc museums 026

I'm quite happy that I'm a modern day SCUBA diver. Those sea creatures of yore don't look too welcoming!

dc museums 046

Soren couldn't get enough of the various dinosaur displays...

dc museums 056

...which even continued outside. It makes him feel brave to shove his arm into the mouth of a Triceratops.

dc museums 069

Our last museum of the day was the Hirshhorn sculpture museum.

dc museums 071

But I didn't get too many pictures there...because most of them would have been of Soren checking out the butt of each statue. Ah, boys.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our Appeal for More House Guests

It wasn't intentional, but when I look back over the pictures I took while Grandpa was in town...most of them seem to take place in the kitchen.

Peter whipping up his famous breakfast hash browns.

more birthday parties 004

Soren rolling out the beignets (and yes, that would be a Playdough rolling pin...)

more birthday parties 009

Grandpa and Soren mixing up the filling for a peach pie.

haircut 027

And Grandpa making cookies from the left over piecrust (notice the expansion of the playdough implements.)

haircut 036

So, consider this an open invitation. We might put you to work with us in the kitchen, but we'll feed you well if you come visit.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Pirate's Life for Me

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me.

chalk 020

We chalk and draw, doodle and play,
a pirate's life for me.

chalk 027

We laugh and run, giggle and squeal
a pirate's life for me.

chalk 028

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Birthday Party Weekend

Last weekend was the weekend of birthday parties. Soren was invited to three, count 'em, three birthday parties last weekend. Wow.

birthdays 009 copy

One of the moms requested "Please, no gifts." and another mom said "No need for a gift, but if you bring something please consider doing something home-made." So we did. It was really terrific. Soren had so much fun planning on what to make and then actually making the gifts himself.

birthdays 011 copy

I think it is a tradition that we might adopt from now on. Look at his proud little face as the mother compliments him on the crown he made for the birthday girl.

more birthday parties 087

It was a weekend of tasty party snacks.

birthdays 022 copy

Party pinatas...

birthdays 078 copy

...filled with the requisite yummy treats.

birthdays 088 copy

Even planting birthday plants!

more birthday parties 042

And, of course, singing birthday songs and eating cake...

birthdays 036 copy

...and playing silly birthday games.

more birthday parties 064

But, mostly, it was just nice to have so many friends who let you help them celebrate their birthday.

birthdays 030 copy

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Grandpa's Latest Visit

It was terrific (as usual) to have Grandpa come to town. What made it even better was that the weather was so fabulous. Perfect for taking Grandpa to the park to show off Soren's swivel car skills.

more birthday parties 115

He's discovered a small ramp in the park that has just enough incline to get up just a little speed. The first few times I wasn't how safe it was, but Soren maneuvers that car like an Indy driver.

more birthday parties 113

And it helps when Grandpa directs him to the perfect route to set him up for the next sharp turn. Zoom. Zoom. Zoom.

more birthday parties 114

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Not Photographing The Haircut

I figure that at some point it just gets kind of silly to photograph your child getting a haircut.

haircut 005

I mean, I get that most moms snap shots of that first haircut.

haircut 017

But after awhile, a haircut is just a haircut, right?

haircut 009

It isn't like there really is anything new to capture. One boy. One grandpa. One clippers. Same shots. Same scene. Same story. {Same mom irresponsibly trying to distract said serious boy from his job of holding statue-still.)

haircut 019

Me, I can totally resist snapping shots of the exact same haircut I've captured so many times already.

haircut 021

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Hug to Remember

The other night when I was putting Soren to bed he asked me to give him a really big hug..."so I will remember you forever!"

I did.

As I walked out the room, he was all snuggled up in his bed, eyes closed whispering all dreamily to himself "...her name is Amy. Her name is Amy. Her name is Amy..."

What a little doll. If I tried with all my might, I couldn't even make this kind of stuff up. {Smile.}

Friday, March 12, 2010

Gift Giving

Soren has two birthday parties to attend this weekend. So we were talking about what types of gifts to bring his friends. In December when he selected a gift for his friend Ella I had a hard time steering him away from the trains and monster trucks. Not that girls couldn't be into monster trucks...but it was pretty clear that the interest in those presents was from Soren, not Ella.

Me: So, what should you bring for Oona?

Soren: Well, she's really into princesses. So I think we should get something with princesses.

He went on to describe the dress up clothes that he wants to make for Oona. He has a very clear picture of what defines princess stuff, short sleeves is apparently a requirement.

Me: Ok, that sounds like a good plan. So, what about for Jack?

Soren: Hm, well Jack is really into toilets. He likes to talk about poop a lot. So we should get him something about a toilet.

This one could be a little more complicated.

I guess it is good that he is thinking about what would truly make his friends happy...even if it is toilets.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Musical Influence

Soren: Mom, you're so vain.

Me: Uh, ok buddy, you and your dad been hangin' out listenin' to Carly Simon lately?

Soren. {Pause. Quizzical look.} Mom, you're so vain.

Me: You know, Soren, that really isn't a very nice thing to say.

Soren: {Big pause.} What is vain?

Me: It means you only think about yourself.

Soren: Oh, I'm so vain.

Me: No, actually you are not. You are a helpful and thoughtful boy. You always pick flowers for me. You are kind to new kids in your class. You don't only think about yourself.

{Insert small interlude where I busted out singing You're So Vain - really, who could resist? Soren chimed in with his best air guitar and rock n roll head thrashing.}

Soren: Mom, you're just a little bit vain.

Editted to add: After I wrote this up, I told Peter about it. He immediately recalled talking to Soren about that song when it came on the radio this week. He had told Soren that vain meant that you thought you were so beautiful that you always wanted to look in the mirrror. Hearing this I think I understand more about what Soren was trying to say. He said "you're so vain" in such a sweet, gentle voice when we were sitting around having a very nice time, it just didn't make sense that he'd been saying something rude. I really think he thought that if I was vain it meant I was so beautiful that I would look in the mirror all the time! Hm, or maybe that is just wishful thinking?

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Spring, Could it Really be You?

Oh, how we've been longing for spring!

park 003 copy

For an excuse to head out for a picnic in the park...with our Girl Scout cookies.

park 007 copy

An excuse to flip...

park 023 copy

...and swing...

park 017 copy

Bask in the warm sunshine...

park 092 copy

And climb.

park 066 copy

Spring, please say you are here to stay.

park 080 copy

Monday, March 08, 2010

Random Photo

This is Soren coming back in from waving good-bye to Peter. He (Soren, not Peter) was wearing a dishtowel tied around his waist, flip flops, and waving the American flag with vigor while jumping up and down in the driveway. Nice way to send off your dad, wouldn't you agree?

orange tree 013 copy

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Orange You Glad You Didn't Try it Yourself?

We've been waiting patiently. For years actually. But this is the year that our formerly scraggly citrus trees started producing.

orange tree 003 copy

We've been watching the little oranges grow. Watching them turn orange.

orange tree 001 copy

Waiting for the day we could pick them. Today was that day.

orange tree 004 copy

Dreaming of that first bite of sweet, juicy goodness...

orange tree 024 copy

Wondering how it would feel to add "Orange Farmer" to your long list of special skills.

orange tree 031 copy

Tasting the first bit of citrus decadence...

orange tree 035 copy

...starting to wonder if perhaps things have gone a bit astray...

orange tree 037 copy

...or just horribly, horribly wrong.

orange tree 039 copy

So, who wants to try the next one?