Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The amazing things mama can do!

Soren helped me with with all the Christmas decorations last weekend. So all things that are pretty about Christmas he attributes to me now. Yesterday we had a lovely dusting of snow outside. Soren looked outside and said "Pretty snow. Mama made it." Dang, I'm good! I did break it to him that I didn't actually make it though. I thought he got the point, but this morning he looked outside and said "Pretty snow. Dada made it." Do you think it is too early for an explanation on meteorology?

Monday, November 27, 2006

Traumatized by Santa Claus!

We were at the mall early on Saturday and Santa was just getting set up. Soren and I were standing to the side and I was telling him about Santa. He was totally ok with it and pretty interested. Then Santa turned around and saw Soren and said something totally inocuous like "good morning little boy". Soren totally freaked! He jumped like he'd received a jolt of electrity, his arms flew up in the air and he took off running! Of course, since he was so frantic he crashed to the ground and just lay there bawling. I picked him up and tried to calm him down. Poor Santa felt terrible, but who could have seen that coming? The best part was that Santa tried to make it up to Soren by giving him a sheet of stickers. Soren was still sniffling, but he took the stickers and said "Thank you Santa Claus" (even without my prompting him!)

When I was setting up the Christmas decorations at home, Soren wouldn't even touch the Santa Claus decorations. I don't think we'll be getting his picture taken with Santa this year!